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Local Governance Committee

We are formed of people appointed from the Community, Parents and Staff who all can be contacted through the School.

Penny Reading (Chair)

Scarborough Street, Irthlingborough, NN9 5TTChair.inis.govs@iflt.org.uk

Mark Smith (Vice Chair)

Jan Marshall (Headteacher)

Syed Shah (Co-opted Governor)

Gemma Howson (Elected Parent) Caroline Cross (Co-opted Governor)
Dale O'Brien (Staff Governor) Pip Courcoux (Elected Parent)

To view their terms of office, the register of business and pecuniary interests for Governors, click here.

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To see information on the directors of the Trust, and the scheme of delegation, click here.

What is the role of the Local Governing Committee?

The Local Governance Committee is convened to ensure that everything is in place for the School to provide the best education possible for its pupils. We support, challenge and have a strategic view of the school along with the Head Teacher and Teaching Staff.

INIS Register of business and pecuniary interests for Governors.

Information about the governance and scheme of delegation for the Learning for Life Education Trust

Interested in supporting our school? If so, why not become a school governor and make a difference to young people in your community?  Find our more.

Open LGC Meetings Protocol

Members of the public can make a request, in writing, to attend the “open” part of any meeting.
Requests to attend must be sent to the Clerk to the LGC no less than 14 days before the date of the meeting. This allows time for Governors to finalise and agree the agenda for the meeting and for the agenda to be published seven days in advance.

If there is sufficient capacity and space an invitation to attend the meeting will be issued by the Clerk together with an agenda. These will be sent by e-mail seven days before the meeting.
Anyone attending will be shown in the meeting minutes as being “In attendance”. 

Persons attending meetings are there at the invitation of the LGC and must agree to:  be present as observers only  not speak or in any other way interrupt the meeting  at the request of the chair, leave the meeting if any part of it is deemed by the LGC to be confidential  not record any part of the meeting electronically or in writing.

Failure to abide by these expectations may result in an individual being asked to withdraw from the meeting and potentially be refused an invitation to future meetings.

Full meetings for the current academic year are scheduled for the following dates: 

Meeting 1:          Tuesday 4th October 2022

Meeting 2:          Tuesday 29th November 2022

Meeting 3:          Tuesday 24th January 2023

Meeting 4:          Tuesday 28th March 2023

Meeting 5:          Tuesday 16th May 2023

Meeting 6:          Tuesday 11th July 2023


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