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Local Governance Committee

We are formed of people appointed from the Community, Parents and Staff who all can be contacted through the School.

Name Type of Governor Term of Office
Penny Reading

Chair of Governors, (also responsible for Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs) co-opted

01.04.19 - 31.03.23
Janet Thompson Vice Chair of Governors co-opted 29.06.17 - 28.06.21
Jan Marshall Headteacher 01.04.19 - 31.03.23
Kat Lees Staff Governor 01.04.19 - 31.03.23
Marlese Burns  Co-opted 01.04.19 - 31.03.23
Mark Smith Co-opted 01.04.19 - 31.03.23
Alison Fairbairn Co-opted 29.06.17 - 28.06.21
David McVean Junior Parent 17.10.18 - 16.10.22
Liz Redden Clerk

When do we meet?

Each Governor is attached to one of the Committees which meets 5 times a year and then reports to the Full Governance Committee which also meets 5 times a year. 

What is the role of the Local Governing Committee?

The Local Governance Committee is convened to ensure that everything is in place for the School to provide the best education possible for its pupils. We support, challenge and have a strategic view of the school along with the Head Teacher and Teaching Staff.

INIS Register of business and pecuniary interests for Governors.

Information about the governance and scheme of delegation for the Learning for Life Education Trust.

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