Learning for Life Education Trust
Stronger together

Sowing the seeds of lifelong learning, working together to achieve our best.

Staff List

Mrs Marshall – Head Teacher

Miss Chapman - Deputy

Mrs Wright - Deputy

Mrs Sullivan - Inclusion Leader (SENCO)


Office Staff

Financial Administrator - Mrs McVey

Office Administrator - Miss Ratcliffe

Office Administrator - Miss Parker


Family Support Workers

Mrs Cummins



Teachers & EYP

Mrs Luke (Nursery Lead Teacher)

Miss Chapman (DH)

Mrs Dodds (EYP)

Miss Knibb (EYP)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Griffiths

Miss Heeds

Mrs Morris (EYP)



Teachers & EYPS

Mrs Hurley (Reception Lead Teacher)

Mrs Groocock

Miss O’Callaghan

Miss Paige

Mrs Mason


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Parker

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Coging

Miss Scott

Mrs Davis

Mrs Cornwell

Mrs Morris  (EYP)


Year 1


Miss Smart 

Miss Garrett 

Mrs Wright 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Cogswell

Mrs Coging

Miss Carvell

Mrs Dickens

Mrs Poole (HLTA)


Year 2


Miss Lees (Key Stage One Lead)

Mr O’Brien

Miss Stewart


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Johnson (HLTA)

Mrs Davies

Mrs Morris

Mrs McSloy


Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Mahoney

Mrs Peck

Mrs Adams

Miss Warner

Mrs Jones

Mrs McSloy

Miss Carvell

Mrs Ruff

Mrs Marpole

Miss Griffin

Mrs Piper

Mrs Tollady

Mrs Cornwell

Ms McManus

Mrs Courcoux



Mr Wynn

Mrs Clinton

Miss Griffin

Mrs Jones