The Irthlingborough & Finedon Learning Trust
Stronger together for all our children

Sowing the seeds of lifelong learning, working together to achieve our best.

Term Dates



Training Day 4th September

Training Day 5th September

Term starts 6th September

Term ends 20th October


Training Day 30th October

Term starts 31st  October

Term ends 20th December


Training Day 3rd January 2018

Term starts 4th January

Term ends 9th February


Term starts 19th February

Term ends 29th March


Term starts 16th April

School Closed Bank Holiday Monday 7th May

Term ends 25th May


Term starts 4th June

Term ends 20th July


Session Times

Main school      Doors open                8.50 am

                             Registration                9.00 am

                             Lunchtime                  12.00 – 1.15 pm

                             Home time                 3.15 pm

Nursery             Morning session       9.00 – 11.30 am

                             Afternoon session   12.30 – 3pm



Term Dates 


Training Day   3rd September, 2018

Training Day   4th September, 2018

Term starts      5th September, 2018

Terms ends      19th October, 2018


Term starts      29th October, 2018

Terms ends      20th December, 2018


Training Day   3rd January, 2019

Training Day   4th January, 2019

Term starts      7th January, 2019

Term ends       15th February, 2019


Term starts      25th February, 2019

Term ends       5th April, 2019


Term starts      23rd April, 2019

May Day         6th May, 2019

Term ends       24th May, 2019


Term starts      3rd June, 2019

Term ends       19th July, 2019