Learning for Life Education Trust
Stronger together

Sowing the seeds of lifelong learning, working together to achieve our best.

Staff List

Mrs J L Marshall – Head Teacher

Miss R Chapman - Deputy

Mrs L Wright - Deputy

Mrs T Sullivan - Inclusion Leader


Office Staff

Finance Assistant - Mrs E McVey

Admin Assistant - Mrs S Tobin

Admin Assistant - Mrs H Welch


Family Support Workers

Mrs L Colquhoun

Mrs T Harvey



Teachers & EYP

Mrs J Luke

Mrs M Dodds (EYP)

Miss S Knibb (EYP)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Griffiths

Mrs S Powell


Teachers & EYPS

Mrs C Hurley

Mrs M Bailey

Miss C Garrett

Mrs J Matthews

Mrs L Chapman

Mrs T Morris (EYP)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Davis

Mrs A Parker

Mrs N Thomas

Mrs R Jones

Miss T Scott


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Dodson

Mrs R Jones

Mrs L Marpole

Mrs J Foster


Year 1


Miss A Bisgrove

Mrs A Groocock

Mrs R Lickerish

Mrs S Mason

Miss L Smith


Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Cogswell

Mrs L Davies

Mrs S Gannon

Mrs D McSloy

Mrs B Poole (HLTA)


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J Morton

Mrs J Allen

Miss W Ruff

Miss S Webster


Year 2


Miss R O’Callaghan

Miss E Howe

Mrs T Askew

Mrs N Hall

Mr D O'Brien

Miss K Lees

Teaching Assistants

Miss D Carvell

Mrs T Coging

Mrs L Dodson

Mrs R Dickens

Mrs L Loveridge

Mrs K Stephens

Mrs V Johnson (HLTA)

Mrs P Wells

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Jones

Mrs F Rice

Mrs C Sumner

Miss A Warner


Further Teaching staff

Mrs N Gould



Mr G Wynn

Mrs J Allen

Mrs C Clinton

Mrs K Jones

Mrs S Powell

Mrs K Steptoe