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Irthlingborough Nursery and Infant School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Irthlingborough Nursery and Infant School. We hope that this website will provide you with information about and an introduction to our successful and happy school.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff aim to provide a welcoming, nurturing setting where children feel safe and happy and are keen to learn. We recognise that all children are individuals and that they learn at different rates and in different ways; by getting to know each child well and making careful checks on their progress we can, together with you, ensure that they make rapid advancement.

We give high priority to personal and social development and are proud of the excellent standards of behaviour that our children demonstrate. We encourage children to be active learners, to be aware of how they can improve and to be proud of genuine effort. We enjoy rewarding and celebrating success in all aspects of school and home life. These are important formative years which lay down the attitudes towards learning which influences future school achievements for all children.

We provide a full and engaging curriculum in both the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One and strive to develop all children's learning to their own potential. We have developed our broad and balanced curriculum to provide a basis for life in modern Britain.

I look forward to meeting with you and your child and to working with you in partnership to provide an enjoyable and stimulating start to their school life.

Your sincerely,

Jan Marshall
Head Teacher


Term Dates

School Calendar

Prospective Parents visitsWe have some dates below for parents who are selecting a school for their children going into Reception next September 2019.  Please email or telephone Mrs Tobin or Mrs Welch on 01933 654900 (Sally.Tobin@iflt.org.uk) to book a date you would like to view our school with Mrs Marshall (Head teacher)  -

Friday 21st September at 11am

Tuesday 25th September at 10am

Thursday 18th October at 2pm

Monday 19th November at 10am

Tuesday 27th November at 5pm

Friday 7th December at 2pm

 Apply online www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/admissions by January 15th 2019 by 5pm.

Latest INIS Calendar Events

School Photographs16Oct2018

Prospective Parents visit at 2pm18Oct2018

New parents all welcome to visit school at 2pm with Mrs Marshall.

Reception Parent Phonics workshop @ 9am18Oct2018

reading and writing and a shared lesson with your child

Last day of term19Oct2018

Term 2 starts today29Oct2018

Reception parents phonics workshop evening01Nov2018

Repeated for parents unable to attend on the 18th

Parents Evening13Nov2018

Parents Evening14Nov2018

Prospective Parents visit at 10am19Nov2018

New parents all welcome to visit school at 10am with Mrs Marshall.

Year 1 & 2 Maths workshops @ 9am23Nov2018

with lesson demonstrations

Prospective Parents visit at 5pm27Nov2018

New parents all welcome to visit school at 5pm with Mrs Marshall.

PTA School Disco06Dec2018

Prospective Parents visit at 2pm07Dec2018

New parents all welcome to visit school at 2pm with Mrs Marshall.

Year 2 Christmas Concert - 9.30am11Dec2018

Year 2 Christmas Concert - 2pm12Dec2018

Year 1 Christmas Concert - 9.30am14Dec2018

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