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We love books and we love our dogs, so what could be better than reading with our dogs!  We hope you enjoy listening to our stories below, we will keep adding to them, so be sure to check back here again soon.

If you have the book at home, why not read along, or if you have a pet dog see if they would like to join you for a story.  Don't have a dog?  Maybe you have another pet to read along with or a favourite teddy or toy to enjoy a good book with. 

We would love to see your photos of you sharing adventures with your pets or teddies - please share your pictures on our twitter pages:

@INISNursery   @InisReception        ‎@INISYear1 @INISYear2


Star and Mrs Marshall - Hop the kangaroo dog

Month and Miss Garret - Oi Puppies!

Monty and Miss Garret - 100 Dogs

Star and Mrs Marshall - Oi Dog!

Star and Mrs Marshall - The Detective Dog

Bella and Miss Chapman - Dogs