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Story time

Below are a selection of story time videos for you all to enjoy from some faces you might recognise!  

Miss Lees - Kind

Mrs Dodds - Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle

Mrs Marshall - The Very Cranky Bear

Mrs Matthews - At the End of the Rainbow

Mrs Luke - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Miss Smith - The Squirrels who Squabbled

Miss Heeds - Tiddler

Mrs Mason - The man on the moon

Mrs Cogswell - Room on a broom

Mrs Groocock - The very hungry caterpillar

Mrs Wells - Monkey Puzzle

Mrs Griffiths - Three Little Pigs

Mrs Morris - 5 Little Speckled Frogs

Miss Smart - Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs Hurley - Peace at last

Mr O'Brien - Bernard Makes a Splash

Miss Chapman - Some Dogs Do

Mrs Morris - Growing Frogs

Mrs Knibb - A Squash and a Squeeze

Mrs Kitson - Stuck

Mrs Johnson - The Koala who Could

Miss Scott - Augustus and his smile

Mrs Davies - The ugly five

Mrs Kitson - Guess how much I love you

Mrs Dodds - Not last night

Mrs Morris - Three Little Pigs - Signed Story

Mrs Morris - Where's Spot - Signed Story

Mrs Wright - The Selfish Crocodile

Mrs Loveridge - The Forgetful Spider

Miss Garrett - 100 Dogs

Mrs McSloy - You Make Me Happy

Miss O'Callaghan - Whats Frog Thinking

Miss Scott - Augustus and his Smile

Mrs Dickens - The lion who wanted to love

Mrs Chapman - Not now Bernard

Mrs Davis - The topsy turvies

Mrs Parker - What the ladybird heard on holiday

Miss Carvell - Aliens Love Underpants

Mrs Matthews - Bubble Trouble

Mrs Morris - Duck in a Truck - Signed Story