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Home Learning - Week 13 (06/07/20)

The Rainbow Fish

This weeks work celebrates Arts Week.  We always have a focus for Arts Week which this year will be The Rainbow Fish.  We hope you enjoy the learning activities.

Please see below information relating to each year group for you and your child to work through.  To view previous weeks work click here.

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Story time

Some familiar faces have created a selection of story time videos for you all to enjoy! Click here


Home Learning Work Plan

Week 13 - Worksheets 

 Rainbow Fish Home Learning.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Fish Maths Activities.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Fish Art Ideas.pdfDownload
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Home Learning Work Plan

Week 13 - Worksheets

 Arts Week - Rainbow Fish activities to do at home 6.7.2020.pdf..pdfDownload
 Capacity worksheet for 9.7.2020.pdfDownload
 Drawing skills week 6.7.20.pdfDownload
 Maths lesson for 8.7.2020.mp4Download
 Maths wc 6.7.2020 pdf.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 captions powerpoint.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 captions powerpoint.pptDownload
 Phonics lesson 8.6.2020.mp4Download
 Phonics week 6.7.2020.pdfDownload
 Representing numbers (1).pdfDownload
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Year 1

Home Learning Work Plan

Week 13 - Worksheets


 Arts week.pdfDownload
 Counting in 5s (1).pdfDownload
 Find your matching partner 'er' Monday.pdfDownload
 Find your matching partner 'est' Thursday.pdfDownload
 Monday 6th July 'er' and 'est' .mp4Download
 Phonics week 6.7.2020 .pdfDownload
 Rainbow acrostic poem (Friday).pdfDownload
 Rainbow fish.pdfDownload
 Suffix 'est' snakes and ladders Friday.pdfDownload
 Wednesday 8th July 's' 'es'.mp4Download
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Year 2

Home Learning Work Plan

Week 13 - Worksheets

 Rainbow Fish Outline 1.pdfDownload
 Rainbow Fish Outline 2.pdfDownload
 Year Two Arts Week Home Learning 6.7.20.pdfDownload
 Year Two English Home Learning 6.7.20.pdfDownload
 Year Two Maths Home Learning 6.7.20.pdfDownload
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